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The Ashram of Enlightenment and Monastery
Live Shaktipat Vedanta Guru in Residence, Guruji Saint Grace Love Maharaj

The Ashram of Enlightenment offers the rare Blessing for sincere advanced spiritual students to sit with a live Advaita Monism Vedanta Guru in residence who transmits Shaktipat (subtle energy) for high level Samadhi direct experiences direct and their integration.  Discourses assist in to moving into that permananent stable level of Aware Consciousness and Compassion.

Guruji Saint Grace Love Maharaj is a modern-day Western mystic trained classically in India and California. She offers informal, inspired, spontaneous, and humorous individual and small group Satsangs, Samadhi retreats, private retreats, and quarterly Enlightenment Intensives.

Maharaj founded a new lineage, the Direct Enlightenment Tradition, and also carries the lineages of Sri Swami Master Ram, Lord and Master Jesus Christ, Lilashah Bapu, and Ramana Maharshi.  She is an ordained licensed Christian minister.

Her Scripture books, Satsang DVDs, telephone, and Skype consultations are inspired and to the point with specific technical meditation adjustments and one-on-one spiritual path consultation to deepen the process and integrate experience.

In addition to transmitting Shaktipat and spontaneous Satsang, Maharaj has been given The Destiny PlayShop, The Course for Courage, and Spiritual Astrology to support Western students in integrating their internal spiritual vibrational shifts into life. She also teaches Reiki for Enlightenment offered in the original way it was given, to assist spiritual students in accelerating their spiritual process and to integrate it mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

Clearing Consultations, Raindrop Therapy, Pancha Karma are offered by additional support staff. 

Maharaj teaches Practical Vedanta Live in Cornville, Arizona an hour and a half north of Phoenix. Dharmasala Enlightenment Center offers residential retreat space for short and long-term stays for dedicated students with intention focused on Enlightenment.

She also teaches every Spring and Fall in Europe at GOD'S House Monastery, in Wittenwil, Switzerland, east of Winterthur.  She maintains a retreat center there as well.

In September, 2009, Maharaj experienced a spontaneous energetic Blessing from Ramana Maharshi, Who spoke to Her in Her Spiritual Heart and told Her that She would teach for Him in the West.  

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